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As owners of McCloud Realty since 2019 and serving our community with our real estate services since 2017, we knew we wanted to expand our business into the rest of Siskiyou County (and possibly beyond!). While our heart and focus remain on our hometown of McCloud, we began to envision how we could broaden our services without diluting our local commitment. With the McCloud Realty brand deeply tied to our beloved town, we started dreaming of a new brand to accommodate our growing vision.

Jefferson State Realty was established in 2024 to facilitate our expansion into the entirety of Siskiyou County, collaborating with other talented realtors under our brokerage. Our vision is to serve all of Siskiyou County with qualified and experienced realtors, offering expertise to our community.

Why did we choose the name Jefferson State Realty for our new brokerage? 


The region of far Northern California and Southern Oregon is often referred to as the State of Jefferson, historically based on a concept of creating the 51st State to represent this unique region which is considered underrepresented by the state governments of both California and Oregon. 

While this movement typically has political undertones, for us,  Jefferson State Realty is more of a regional concept focused on bringing awareness and providing services to this unique region, with Siskiyou County being at the heart of it. 

Our goals are to extend the same exceptional service we provide in McCloud to the rest of Siskiyou County. We are committed to dependability, maintaining high ethical standards, and embodying an outstanding work ethic to support our clients through their real estate transactions. We take pride in cultivating lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring they always have a trusted professional to turn to for any real estate need.

  • 7+ Years of Real Estate Experience

  • 12+ Years as Small Business Owners

  • Over $50 Million in Real Estate Sales 

  • Over 250 Sides of Real Estate Transactions

  • Top Producer in Siskiyou County MLS: 

    • #2 in Sales in 2023​

    • #4 in Sales in 2022

  • Experienced in brokering residential, commercial and land sales, including hotels, restaurants, subdivisions, foreclosures and multifamily residential properties.

  • Experienced in creating new parcel maps, selling new parcels and navigating County and State requirements both personally and as consultants. 

  • Possesses a network of connections to contractors, insurers, lenders, inspectors and other licensed professionals required to successfully complete a real estate transaction.

Josh and Linn Tyhurst

LINN TYHURST, Owner/Realtor

California DRE # 020350411

Cell: 415.913.9465

Office: 530.964.3120

JOSH TYHURST, Owner/Broker
California DRE # 020350410

Cell: 530.925.3370

Office: 530.964.3120


"Josh and Linn Tyhurst, McCloud Realty, did a great job selling our house in McCloud, CA. They were knowledgeable and professional, always responded fast. They were especially good at social media which helped sell our house."

- Carolyn Pickel-O'Connell
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